Stay in control of your business !

About OTrack

OTrack is a light-weight ERP solution (Enterprise Resource Planning) tailored for small to medium businesses.

With OTrack all of your important business data is kept in one place, easy to organise, monitor and consolidate. We spend a lot of energy to keep OTrack simple, so that you can stay in control!

As a matter of fact, we think we know what it takes to run a small to medium business, because we are a small business ourselves. And we are the first users of OTrack.

OTrack is brought to you by Optima Consulting. Proudly developped in Luxembourg.

create projects

manage budgets

keep track of your time

In OTrack you can create projects and associate them with one or several time budgets, then define who can access them.

OTrack makes it easy to log your team’s time (and yours!) and provides overviews to ensure that your budgets don’t overrun.

plan and share agendas

sync with your devices

OTrack lets you organise resource or project plannings and share them with your team members.

You can sync plannings with your mobile devices so that you stay up to date, even on the move.

create price offers

follow customer orders

generate invoices

Prepare price offers and easily track customer orders. In OTrack, you can then directly use your offers and orders to convert them into invoices, with a few simple clicks.

Stop fiddling with copy/pasting numerous spreadsheets or text documents! With OTrack, it’s all in one place, and we keep it simple. So you stay in control.

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