June 2020

OTrack version 2.0.2 is available.

New features

  • Application configuration
    • Application language is now configurable by the user (French / English)
    • Application style is now configurable by the user (Light / Dark)
  • Timesheets module
    • worked / billable hours are entered directly in hh:mm format
    • possibilty to enter a billable time with a corresponding worked time of 00:00
    • non billable time is automatically caculated from the worked and billable time fields

Other improvements and corrections

  • Module titles are consistently displayed at the top left of the application window to make navigation easier
  • Search filters on predefined periods (“Last 12 months”, “This year”, …) are automatically updated if the application remains active several days
  • Clients and Projects modules: new activity type “Note”
  • Client form: contact address can now be easily copied to billing address with the click of a button
  • Invoices module: invoice items are now also retained when changing the client for an existing invoice. Similar invoices can thus be fully duplicated and reused for several clients
  • Invoices: bank account information is now displayed on 2 lines instead of 3 (for new invoices)
  • Payments and Timesheets modules: projects can now be filtered dynamically by typing a few characters of the project name
  • Reconciliation report: new column “Project” available
  • Various small bug corrections