December 2020

OTrack version 2.6.1 is available.

New features

  • Clients module
    • clients and prospects can now be categorised as B2B or B2C. This information can be used in reports to visualise separate revenue sources, for example.
  • Invoices module
    • Redesigned invoice editing form
  • Integration with Outlook
    • quotes, delivery notes and invoices can be easily sent via email in PDF format with the click of a button
  • Improvements to timesheets
    • time items can be created automatically from a calendar daily entries (right click on a day in the planning calendar)
    • time items now have an optional start and end time
    • recently used descriptions can be reused when creating a new time item
  • New Tasks module
    • manage your own tasks and priorities
    • create delegated tasks for other users and keep track of their progress
    • define task deadlines and easily visualise those that are overdue
    • keep a history of completed tasks

Other improvements and corrections

  • Clients module: new email address fields for the contact and billing addresses, used for Outlook integration
  • Projects module: budgets are now sorted by start date and name, allowing specific sort orders with name pre-fixes (01-Budget xyz, 02-Budget abc, 03-Budget misc, …)
  • Payments module: invoices can now be filterd dynamically by typing a few characters of the project name, client name or invoice number
  • Reports module: Client and Project reports now display additional information with over-budget hours
  • Various other small bug fixes