July 2021

OTrack version 2.11.0 is available.

New features

  • Projects module
    • budgets can now be easily duplicated
  • Quotes module
    • export of quote list to Excel
    • budgets can be generated from a quote
  • Work/Delivery Notes module
    • redesigned work/delivery note editor to match the design of invoice editor
    • delivery status is now displayed in the work/delivery note listing
    • customer orders can be converted to work/delivery notes
  • New Inventory module
    • manage products with their stocks at different locations (warehouses, trucks, …)
    • manually encode stock movements (supplier deliveries, product withdrawals and product transfers)
    • indication of stock location source for products in a delivery note
    • automatically generate stock movements when switching a work/delivery note to “Delivered” status
    • generate work/delivery note as PDF forms to be filled offline on a tablet or laptop (feature available upon request; a specific template needs to be prepared with your company info)
    • view stock movement history per product
    • easily duplicate products
    • delete or deactivate products
    • easily create missing products from document editors product selection form
    • activate or deactivate stock tracking per product

Other improvements and corrections

  • Improved handling of lost network connections that cannot be recovered by OTrack (clearer end user messages, limited number of error messages displayed, bug report no longer proposed)
  • Multi-line text in Excel exports is now also compatible with LibreOffice Calc
  • Number of allowed characters in time item descriptions increased to 1024
  • Automatic correction of invalid character “:” in default file names
  • ENTER keyboard shortcut can now be used to launch a product search in document editors product selection form
  • Invoices module: invoice status is now included in Excel exports
  • Reports module: customer orders not linked to a project (only linked to a customer) are now included in the customer report
  • Other small bug fixes