April 2022

OTrack version 2.17.2 is available.

New features

  • General
    • new hierarchical organisation of the main menu
    • main menu opens and closes automatically when moving the mouse over it
    • open modules remain available as top-level tabs for quick navigation
    • confirmation request to save pending changes when closing the application
  • Home page dashboard
    • charts with top projects (last 30 days, last 12 months) for the connected user or for the entire company
    • charts with billable ratio (last 30 days, last 12 months) for the connected user or for the entire company
    • chart with top revenue customers in the last 12 months
    • chart with comparative cumulated revenues over the last 3 years
    • dashboard chart visibility is based on connected user profile
  • Clients / Prospects module
    • new structured address fields, required for e-invoicing
  • Invoice module
    • new search field “Order number” allowing to list all invoices linked to a customer order
    • new optional delivery address fields in invoices
    • possibility to generate e-invoices in UBL format, mandatory for business-to-government invoicing (B2G) in Luxembourg
  • Products / Inventory module
    • new inventory report (stock)
  • Timesheets module
    • charts with top daily/weekly projects
    • charts with daily/weekly billable ratio
  • New MultiLine import module
    • possibility to import Multiline payments
    • automatic reconciliation with invoices (an initial configuration must be done for each bank account managed in MultiLine)

Other improvements and corrections:

  • Differentiation between active / inactive projects in Unbilled Time report
  • Delivery notes now include the product description by default
  • Several small improvements with Work/Delivery notes (PDF forms and editor module)
  • Various modifications across the application to support e-invoicing functionality
  • Other small bug fixes and overalll improvement of the application performance